Somerfield 1

Alphonse, with his daughter Astrid in 1957

Alphonse Mackenzie Somerfield (1917-2008) was a Canadian born media magnate, entrepreneur and oil tycoon as well as a former middle ranking officer of the Order. His German ancestors migrated to North America in the 1760s.

He came from a long line of Order members, all the way back since 1690. His ancestor's helped spread the organisation's message to the whole of North America, resulting in many of them becoming high ranking members since the 1800s. Alphonse's own father was a proud and high ranking member of the Order, he willingly abandoned his own family to devote his life to it.

He was homeschooled the ways of the Order but often found their policies to be unreasonable. Eventually he came to the conclusion that the Order was simply made out of short-sighted power hungry monsters and wanted little to do with it. This desire proved impossible for someone of his family status, and despite his wishes he found himself forced to join for the sake of his family's reputation. Not wanting to be involved in killing meta-humans, instead in 1945 he founded the Sanctioned , a sub-division of the Order where meta-human's would be spared their lives if they joined this division and used their powers to help the Order hunt down other meta-humans.  It was during this time he had an affair with one of the female subjects, and this lead to the secret birth of their daughter in 1947 whom he named Astrid. He would keep her tabooed lineage a secret from the Order, and because of his family's connections with the Order he managed to arrange for falsified documents attesting to Astrid being a normal human girl who had been adopted into the family.

In 1957 he would come into contact with Dmitri Lamperouge, a seemingly young 10 year old boy who was intellectually advanced beyond his years, which lead Alphonse to initially believe he was a telepath. The boy's lack of a family made him suspicious and lead to investigating the child. He discovered the boy was homeless and a regular atendee of the Whitehorse Chess Club. During the bombing of Larsleet Street he witnessed the boy caught in the explosion and torn apart, only for his body to heal and resurrect itself. Confronting the boy, the seemingly innocent child told him his secret of being a centuries old immortal in the biological body of a child. Not wanting to let an immortal roam his country as he pleased, he offered to adopt him, in exchange for shelter and security. The boy accepted and took up a new alias of 'Damien Somerfield'.    With Damien's intellect and Alphonse's influence, they created a joint business venture. Alphonse's were intentions to move the world forward, whereas Damien wanted to amass huge profits. Alphonse became very sucessful and wealthy, sharing half of his assets with Damien, his secret business partner. 

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