• Uncycloperson

    As we flesh out OMAT's world we have done much with country's. I believe we have one for every country with a page!

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  • Uncycloperson

    Innocent Cartoons?

    April 17, 2014 by Uncycloperson

    I deeply applaud all those able to find pictures for their characters. The majority of these character's are anime, but still the fact you found them is amazing.

    Allow me to elaborate, the internet leads to no shortage of pictures. Search trait x trait y drawing and pages of results appear. The problem is these are almost all suggestive.

    Sexuality has become slightly too open. Girls can be cute, but we don't need every picture to include a blushing girl with visable panties. This hyper-sexuality in cartoons, literature, images, and all else bothers me. Threads on nationstates have only strengthened this relatively recent feeling.

    According to one thread, the idea of a good girl is anachronistic. A school rp makes sexuality a major feature of …

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  • Uncycloperson

    It seems everytime I play a male character in a modern setting they fail to hold my interest.This a common occurence, I haven't truly enjoyed a male character since pre-OMAT days. To make matters worse, I keep creating more female characters, but why is this so?  I thought about it... and thought a little more... So here is a nice list.

    1. Diversity's Sake -  Female rpers are rare. This is a fact, and it often leads to many more guys than gals. It only seems right to through a few girls into the mix.
    2. Social Reasons - In a rp there are many male characters. These male characters often avoid talkimg to one another or fight together, but the best way to get a long, meaningful, conversation is to play the girl. Men don't ignore the girls in rps.
    3. Femi…
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  • Uncycloperson

    As OMAT's books draw to a close, the only thing I can say is we should try and wrap things up, finish canon, and finish our pages.

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  • Bravo115


    January 8, 2014 by Bravo115

    Testing! Testing! Testing!

    This is just a test.

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