CaerLlion (unknown- ~55ACE) was an alchemist, sorcerer, scholar and practitioner of the Angelic Arts, an early metahuman with the ability to manipulate air currents and solar heat waves, abilities at the time associated with magical affinity.  A long time human ally of the Tiste Longa, he was a major figure in fighting against the army of Prince Korli during the Hora Invasion of Earth. He was also an ancestor of Damien Somerfield.

At the age of 50 he was mortally wounded in battle but infused with Angelic energy that healed him and signifigantly extended his natural life-span to the point he was almost considered immortal and his rate of aging was extremely slowed, as well as enhancing his abilities which turned him into a force to be reckoned with against the Horas. At some point he would produce a son, Emerus who would go on to embrace the dark Horan alchemic arts, an act his father considered as betrayal.

CaerLlion's image became tainted for having an offspring like Emerus and his once saintly reputation was tarnished. He went on to become a hermit and faded into near osbscurity but would return later a few centuries later to defeat his son, who though not immortal had signifigantly enhanced his own lifespan using Demonic energy. Both fought fiercly and were near equal matched Emerus was marginally defeated in the end. CaerLlion's fate afterwards is not known, some accounts state he subsequently died of his wounds, other profess he died from the grief of killing his own son while others assert he returned to hermithood where he lived out the rest of his remaining life.

Prior to Emerus's death, CaerLlion's son had already produced offspring of his own, therefore securing a bloodline that went on after both their deaths. Damien's ancestry can be traced to this bloodline.

Early LifeEdit

CaerLlion was brought up among the Ynys Afallon Acolytes where he discovered his ability to manipulate air currents. 


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Air magic:Edit


CaerLlion displayed an exceeding aptitude at airbending from a young age.

He was exceptionally talented at the craft which would later be called air-current manipulation. He had already mastered over twenty-two techniques by the age of 11, making him a child prodigy. Most of his techniques were taught to him by his non-powered mentor, Elwyn Rhys.

Flame conjuring:Edit

He had accidently developed this power after the death of his air magic tutor. His sadness was converted in 


CaerLlion accidentally discovers he can conjure flames by significantly increasing the oxygen concentration to the point of causing a combustion whilst using air magic under an emotionally intense state.

rage  during his continued training and when his anger increased to a certain point he accidently conjured flames from both his arms and his breath. Though this was considered an impressive feat for someone of his age, he had trouble controlling this element due to how closely it was tied to his emotions and because of its very wild and unpredicatble nature itself.

White Phoenix:Edit

White phoenix

CaerLlion's most feared and famous weapon, as well as his most powerful. Bending the very element of his soul combined with both essences of air and fire, a white flame phoenix was conjured. 



The two were close friends since childhood and over time Salvation came to develop romantic feelings for CaerLlion during their pre-teen years. These were feelings she had initially tried to suppress but then confessed them during his 16th birt hday though he didn't reciprocate those feelings though the two remained friends.

Unnamed WifeEdit

A woman he had fallen in love with in 1470. He settled down with her in an unknown location in Britain where their relationship had led to the conception of a son, the future father of Damien in 1473. However this love was cut short by her murder by an unknown Hora during the height of the invasion and CaerLlion was mislead into believing his child had perished along with the only woman he had ever loved. After her death his hatred for and devotion against the Horas intensified and he became one of the most feared foes among them, second only perhaps to Jal


It would not be until during the final years of Hora invasion in 1484 that father and son would meet again, by this time the boy had turned 14. Initially CaerLlion denied the boy's very legitimacy, claiming he was an imposter and that real his child was dead along with his mother. Such rejection imbittered the boy towards his long-lost father and he angrily left. It was only afterwards when Salvation confronted CaerLlion and revealed to him that she had managed to save the child using Longa healing magic, though was unable to save the mother. Seeing his bloodthirsty state after the death of his wife she determined he was in no state to commit to fatherly duties and therefore left him at a monastry to be raised. Initially outraged at Salvation for keeping this disclosed from him, he eventually understood her reasons and forgave her, though did not follow his son, being far too ashamed.


Young mihangel

An adolescent CaerLlion having mastered his ability to manipulate air currents

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