Supers is a macro category ment for individuals who possess powers not usually found in their kind, thus being "superior" in some fashion. The Order refers to them as "Abhumans", a derogatory term for the powered individuals.

Types of SupersEdit

  • Altered Human- Altered Humans were other wise normal until exposure to a mysterious substance, mystic charm, or annomoly changed their genetic structure in such a fashion as to grant them unhuman powers. Alexandra Peyton is an Altered Human, as her powers came from contact with a strange metal.
  • Metahuman- Used in some mainstream media to describe Superhumans in general, in OM&T the term refers to those whose powers come from lienage going back to a supernatural, otherworldly, or otherwise none human ancestory. For example, Addie Putnam is decended from Tiste Longa, all her powers derive from that heritage.
  • Mutant- Mutants have gained their powers from genetic abnormalities. The cause of mutants can range from parants exposure to radiation, mutegens, or from one, or both, biological parants being Altered Humans.

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