Dr Cherami Mosley (maiden name 'Lambert') was the wife of Richard Mosley.

Early LifeEdit

Cherami was born in Virginia, 1967 to a family of Order scientists. She was also the maternal great-grand daughter of Josetta Cresson. At the age of 12 her family was transferred to Deighton, West Yorkshire in Britain to work on a nuclear energy project. Granted admission into Deighton Grammar School she quickly became a popular student for her sweet demeanour and academic excellence in science.

Meeting MosleyEdit

A few weeks after her admission she came across a nine year old Richard in her physics class after school when she came to collect her jacket which she accidentally left behind her seat. She watched in amazement as the child prodigy was solving unfinished equations left on the whiteboard with relative ease. When asking for his name the boy remained largely fixated on the equations and ignored her. When his sister Araminta arrived to collect Richard, she met Cherami and the two became good friends. 

For the majority of her high school years her releationship with Richard was mainly as an acquaintance.

Life at UniversityEdit



Working for the OrderEdit

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