The world Of Men and Titans is set in a multiverse in which two gods, one of creation, and one of destruction battle though out the mutiverse by way of their servants the Tiste Longa, and Tiste Hora. Above this battle field is the realm of Heaven, ruled by the creator. Below lies the Nether ruled by Mer.

The Divine and the MultiverseEdit

Jrova, Hrova, and Mer exist out side of the Multiverse, they are the only constant factor in the realms of mortal kind.

The Realms of MortalkindEdit

Earth XEdit

With the invasion of the Order never occuring on the year of 1914, the world continued its course into the "Great War" which will also be World War I, changing the course of history. "Supers/Abhumans/Gifted Humans" also never existed, making everyone remain human, unlike their mainstream counterparts. Even some of the Tiste that were so powerful, had gotten human counterparts in this universe, the prime example being Savior.

Earth 450Edit

Salvia is known as Clementia Salvation (or simply Salvation), her eyes are gold rather then amber and her hair is strikingly white for she became a Tiste Longa after the Tiste were sucessful in their conversion project. She shows no emotion in the presence of her superiors, but secretly holds contempt towards them for 'destroying her very being' so many years ago. She strives to reconcil this emotion while continuing to serve the most high.

Earth 650Edit

Damian's father was never enlightened and embraced immortality. He actively bends the rules of the pachment, causing Damien and his future decendants to be damned to the Nether no matter what their deeds were. After watching Damien grow up, find love, have children and die of old age, he is overcome with guilt and asks Salvia to end him, prompting him to enter the Nether. Though Damien is still damned, his offpring are freed from damnation. Salvia shares the events with a traveler, thus igniting the story to become both folklore, and drama.

Earth 9658Edit

Endgame approaches when a Dark Tiste orders Salvia to end Damien, an order she feels compelled to follow in fear of the consequences of disobeying an Arch-Hora. Savior however intervenes and calls for a divine court to review Damien's contract of immortality with Salvia. Damien's father is also ressurected to give evidence to the court that the potion (the contract) was not intended for Damien and therefore he should not pay the price for it. The court rules in his favor and strips Damien of his immortality, allowing him a fresh start into the world. He is also allowed 1 day with his father where he forgives him for confining him into dark solitude all those centuries ago, allowing his father to return to the afterlife in peace.