The world Of Men and Titans is set in a multiverse in which two gods, one of creation, and one of destruction battle though out the mutiverse by way of their servants the Tiste Longa, and Tiste Hora. Above this battle field is the realm of Heaven, ruled by the creator. Below lies the Nether ruled by Mer.

The Divine and the MultiverseEdit

Jrova, Hrova, and Mer exist out side of the Multiverse, they are the only constant factor in the realms of mortal kind.

The Realms of MortalkindEdit

Earth XEdit

With the invasion of the Order never occuring on the year of 1914, the world continued its course into the "Great War" which will also be World War I, changing the course of history. "Supers/Abhumans/Gifted Humans" also never existed, making everyone remain human, unlike their mainstream counterparts. Even some of the Tiste that were so powerful, had gotten human counterparts in this universe, the prime example being Savior.

Earth 2: Damien SupremusEdit

Damien, under the dark influence of Salvia, becomes an Anti-Christ figure who rules the world with a dark hand. His riegn brings the world to the brink of the Apocalypse, bringing about Jal's 2nd coming. Jal fights the Beasts of Damien, the children of Terra, before confronting the Dark Prince himself. Damien is defeated, and calls out for salvation. Upon forfillment of his request, Salvia is punished, and ridiculed. She declares her own personal war against Jal, in hopes of destroying his new paradise, and regaining favor with her dread father.

Earth 6: Titan UltimatumEdit

On the 29th October 2029 a gigantic meteor penetrates through the earth's atmosphere where it splits into several smaller rocks which crash land across the Mediterranean and Africa. This causes devastating damage across the regions and thousands of lives are lost. The UAR and other wealthy nations offer aid to the countries affected by the meteor storm. Korean scientists analyse samples of the meteor rock and discover a shocking revelation: the rocks are merely vessels harboring a airbourne virus that is alien to them.

Five of the scientists immeditely exposed to the virus without protection all suffer unique symptoms: one suffers from morbid hallucinations that provokes her to commit suicide, another feels an uncontrollable itch around their entire body and they end up tearing their much of their skin off which kills him, another's body begins to decompose at a rapid rate, the other begins to orally excrete black bile as his liver excretes toxins into his bloodstream, and the last one's body self euthanisizes as her heartbeat gradually slows down until eventual death.

News of the virus is soon disclosed to the media and a mass public panic soon ensues. Jalist temples flood as those weary of the appocalypse pray for their salvation. While governments worldwide soon issue oxygen masks and impose a quarantine against other nations, the virus continues to spread when it becomes obvious it can adapt into the water as it infects the world's oceans. Over 60% of the human population soon succumbs to the virus this way.However it soon becomes apparant that animals and plants are not affected by the virus and much of the remaining human population seems to be apparently immune to the virus, including about 70% of Metahumans. This leads many to speculate that Supers are destined to become the dominant species of the planet over non-powered humans, causing a fall out between both sides to follow. Humanity soon begins to destroy itself, chaos insues and a world war is born.

Months pass and the population continues to dwindle. Among the survivors includes Max whose become a wanderer after the death of his family, but is gradually losing the will to live. Damien is continously protected by Salvia throughout the impending appocalpyse but as the world around him begins to crumble he suffers from a nervous breakdown. Sebastien returns to deliver the cruelest possible vengeance upon Damien. Max contemplates on his life, his early years, his parents, his relationship with his half sister Lauriel and his time at KGA. Sadness increasingly engulfs him as any prospect of hope becomes bleaker to the point he passes out and waits to die. Damien considers requesting Salvia to end him, but the two are ambushed by Sebastien who promptly kidnaps Damien and locks him into a coffin before burying him.

Salvia manages to track the two shortly afterwards and Sebastien challenges her to a duel to the death.Max regains consciousness, finding himself in a zoo cage and realizes he's been captured by cannibals. He simply requests that they make his death quick. Salvia and Sebastien engage in a fierce duel where the Hybrida loses his right eye and is repeatedly stabbed in the shoulder, but he gradually overpowers her, taunting that she's out of practice and that she's failed her father, Mer, her mate and son and that at the brink of the world's end that she's failed Damien. Damien struggles to free himself but is thrown into grief as he realizes Sebastien has gotten the upperhand. He repeatedly pleads for Salvia to live but it soon becomes clear Sebastien is too powerful. He disarms Salvia before impaling her. He smiles over her triumphantly but the Hora manages to summon the last of her strength by unsheathing a small dagger under her sleeve and stabbing it into the Hybrida's throat, mortally wounding him.

Salvia dies shortly thereafter before she is able to end Damien and Sebastien starts to laugh as his mind his gripped by insanity before he stops, in shock as he see's his body transmute into stone. Across this version of the world every Metahuman, supernatural creature and tiste turn to stone, leaving only non-powered humans populating the planet. Not being a Metahuman in the true sense, Max doesn't turn to stone but some of his captors do. As his remaining captors proceed to cannabalize him as powerful wind blows in their direction, killing his remaining captors and breaking open his cage from which he proceeds to escape.Damien hullucinates of all the people he's wronged and begins to tearfully apologize to each of them, calling himself the lowest of the low, unworthy to live or even exist.

He then mourns over the death of Salvia, claiming he was only a burden on her and didn't deserve to be loved by anyone, not even a Demon. Max along with the remaining human population witness the sun rise from the west, when his ancestral knowledge is triggered and he is made aware of an ancient prophecy dictating the death but potential rebirth of humanity sparked by a solar flare. 

Immediately upon this realization his entire ancestral consciousness activates simultaneously, creating an entirely new personality, its mind wielding the fruit of knowledge. Max himself is locked inside his soul matrix where he witnesses a projection detailing the destruction of the world, a revelation that sends him on the brink of insanity. His mental condition destabalizes and this interferes with the stability of the Collective Consciousness Entity that has taken over his body and acts as a Messenger relaying to the survivors around it about the truth of their situation.Max begs for the world not to end, but his soul matrix reacts to this by producing projections from his own subconscious, portraying many of his inner thoughts: his desire to cease to exist to escape the pain imposed by existence, the hate he feels towards others for hurting him, how he considers himself generally inferior and disposable compared to the rest of humanity. Max is unable to deny those feelings and starts to agree that the world should end.Damien isn't sure if he's alive or dead, feeling his spirit has gone numb.

It is then when he an apparation of a  large multi winged angel (presumably a Tiste) appears before him, asking Damien where he thinks he will go. Damien responds he will pay the eternal ultimatum for his sins in Hell where he deserves to be plunged into. The angel reiterates its question, stating where does he think he will go with his wish, a question which confuses Damien. A similar apparition appears before Max inside his soul matrix, asking him he believes in the afterlife. Max responds that he doesn't know or care, despite the evidence standing in front of him. The apparition proclaims that the righteous shall be spirited away to Paradise, whereas the sinful will either be thrown into Hell or atone in Purgatory.

Max becomes confused with the concept of a middle ground between Heaven and Hell to which the apparition identifies as being earth, only further confusing a disillusioned Max. Meanwhile with Damien the apparition explains to the boy how he had already died over five centuries ago upon becoming immortal, the day it explained his mortal side died but his soul became closer to his flesh, its immortal essence being branched into its physical vessel, and even claiming all humans have the potential for it without divine assistance. It then amends its statement, stating that all humans had the potential to make their flesh one with the soul but that will no longer be the case, saying that all immortals of any kind as well as all humans of tiste decent shall be reclaimed. 

Damien realizes that this isn't the end of the world, rather a new beginning. He questions what is to become of him when the apparition simply replies that he will die. Max comes to a greater realization than Damien that if earth is to be seen as a purgatory then its end means that it is not only time for the inhabitants of the purgatory to depart to their ultimate destination, but also the entire cycle to restart with a fundamental difference from the current world: the era of the Gifted Ones (Supers, Immortals, Angels and Demons) is over.

The Apparition congratulates him, then proceeds to ask him why he is afraid of pain to which Max admits to cowardice. The Apparition then asks why he chooses to be a coward, to which Max replies he wishes to protect himself from pain, hurt and harm. The Apparition says that he doesn't want to deal with the problems such emotions cause, to which Max agrees. But it further explains the existence of pain, hurt and harm only affirms the existence of love, happiness and healing but Max rejects this as he claims he scarcely experienced those emotions. The Apparition then wraps it arms and wings around Max, locking him in an embrace where he experiences those emotions he always desired. 

Damien finds himself falling into a pool of scarlet liquid and the Apparition flies above him with a spare which it uses to impale his ribcage. Believing he is about to die, he thanks Salvia for everything she did for him. Max asks if he can stay in the state of love, happiness and healing for eternity to which the Appartion replies as being only possible in Paradise, which is not this world where it must be balanced with pain, hurt and harm. Max realizes the purpose of human existence is defined by experiencing both such aspects, being the same side of the same coin of life, and that neither side can be appreciated if the other hasn't also been experienced. He proclaims that he took life for granted overlooking this. He then asks if he is going to die to which the Apparition replies that he is what he is and he will change into himself and soneone else, before it disappears smiling as Max silently nods to show he understands what it means.

As Damien's ribcage is pierced the soul fragment transfers itself out of him and into the piece of rib removed from him, which is then mixed with his blood. To his shocked and astonished eyes he see's another person lod out of the flesh. The Apparition explains to him that its body is a female replica of his, but its soul is that of Salvia (the soul fragment being a compact though exact copy of the original Salvia's soul). Damien asks why this is happening and the Apparition answers that this was what he wished for: to be one and constant with Salvia. When asking why his wish was granted the Apparition states that the fates took pity on him and so will offer him Clemency.

Max regains control of his body and watches the solar flare about to take place, no longer afraid but accepting, telling those nearby him not to be afraid. As many of them close their eyes, Max continues watching intently before smiling at the last moment when the flare imploded upon them, seemingly killing off the remaining population. However Max doesn't die in the true sense of the word, a fragment of his soul bonds to the world's waters, containing his sentient consciousness and memories, having become one and constant with the world, for which he uses the water to streams itself across the planet, regenerating non-human life wherever it goes.

Damien awakens to find himself lying below the ancient Llangernyw Yew tree in North Wales, Britain on a warm sunny day. Next to him lies Salvia II who then also wakes up but doesn't recognize him. Damien is unsure of what is happening before he stands up and accidentally trips, brusing his elbow which does not immediately heal. He realizes that he has become mortal again, and his life span reset for this second life. Helping Salvia II up the two venture forward into the renewed world. Unbeknownst to them, they are the only single human pair of male and female in the entire continent of Europe, and that each and every other continent (excluding Antartica) is also possessed with a single pair of human male and female children, all destined to grow up in this new world of mortal non-powered humans and repopulate the earth to help bring about the ReGenesis of the human race and civilisation.

Thousands of years later human civilisation has made progress in rebuilding itself, in Europe the tale and memory of Damien and Salvia has been incorporated across several contential mythologies, whereas the memory of tistes and metahumans has been dismissed as imaginative folkore from the past.

Part II

Continuing the story of Damien and Salvia II. Two years have passed since the the great cataclysm that wiped out most of humanity. The two have settled living in a well preserved Powis Castle. The children have entered adolescence, much to Damien's dismay who tries to keep his mind occupied recording the world knowledge he amassed for over 500 years into whatever he is able to write it, mainly leaves, rocks whatever blank pages he can find. Salvia II, though a human, has retained much of her predecessor's Horan traits, especially her cunningness and a dark sense of humour, albiet much more childish than her original incarnation.

One day while rummaging through one of the store rooms of the castle she comes across a Welsh copy of the first installment of the Welk Chronicles books which she starts reading. Damien however dismisses the fantasy work of fiction as being pointless and advises her to read more of his own encyclopaediac writings, which she rebuffs as being boring.

Damien frequently recalls his days before the catacalysm and wonders if this new world with just him and Salvia II with no one else is a paradise or a hell. Often he ponders over the possibility of one day finding other human survivors. He also finds himself afraid of his own mortality, knowing he will eventually age and weaken until his inevitable death, if he doesn't perish from the perils of the world first. The two have managed to survive inside the gardens on the castle, eating fruit from the trees and fishing from the river nearby, from which they also drink and bathe in. Seeing the castle and its gardens as a safe haven where they are well provided for, he doesn't act on his desire to explore the rest of the world in the hopes of finding other survivors and prohibits Salvia from venturing out of the gardens.  

Salvia II is able to finish the book towards the end of the day and grows anxious and excited to read the next installment but is unable to find it, saddening her as she wonders how the story went on. That night as Damien decides to quench his boredom with some fishing, but as he approaches the river he accidentally sees Salvia II undressing to swim in the river. He watches her for a moment before fully realizing what he's doing and is overcome with shame in himself before running away from the scene, self-disgusted and confused with himself.

A few hours later he tells her their too old to be sleeping in the same bed anymore and insists that he will instead stay in his study while she can keep bedroom all to herself. Salvia II is unable to understand this sudden change and suspects Damien is distancing himself from her because of his ever growing boredom which has inflated to the point he's getting tired of her. Damien is unable to go to sleep as he is gripped by insomnia and becomes irritated when Salvia II enters his study and suggests she read him to sleep with her book of the Welk Chronicles. In his agitation from his earlier voyeuristic incident he flings the book into the fireplace and yells for her to leave his room. She reacts to this by slapping him over the face before tearfully fleeing from his study. Immediately regretting what he just did he chases after her, trying to apologize.

He searches the entire castle for hours and eventually finds her outside in the garden near the fountain where she refuses to talk to him. He tries to talk her into getting back inside but she only responds with a silent scowl. Something about her eyes sends a chill down Damien's spine as he is disturbed by the apparent demonic glare she shoots at him. Reluctantly he turns back to leave her when he hears a storm coming.    WIP

Earth 450Edit

Salvia is known as Clementia Salvation (or simply Salvation), her eyes are gold rather then amber and her hair is strikingly white for she became a Tiste Longa after the Tiste were sucessful in their conversion project. She shows no emotion in the presence of her superiors, but secretly holds contempt towards them for 'destroying her very being' so many years ago. She strives to reconcil this emotion while continuing to serve the most high.

Earth 650Edit

Damian's father was never enlightened and embraced immortality. He actively bends the rules of the pachment, causing Damien and his future decendants to be damned to the Nether no matter what their deeds were. After watching Damien grow up, find love, have children and die of old age, he is overcome with guilt and asks Salvia to end him, prompting him to enter the Nether. Though Damien is still damned, his offpring are freed from damnation. Salvia shares the events with a traveler, thus igniting the story to become both folklore, and drama.

Earth 1130Edit

Damien still becomes immortal via Salvia's parchment but in 2018 she is killed and replaced by a Tiste Longa, who becomes his eternal guardian. Damien looses his evil qualities and finds peace he has longed for centuries, spending eternity in happiness, much to the dismay of Mer.

Earth 3762Edit

In 2018 Damien arrives in Cold Harbor with the intent of finding Savior and when he does he asks her to use her mystical blade to end his immortality. She agrees to do so, slaying Damien. The soul fragment of Salvia enters the Nether, forcing her to become Mer's  concubine. Damien is last scene, possibly in spirit form, conversing with Lady Death under a apple tree.

Earth 9658Edit

Endgame approaches when a Dark Tiste orders Salvia to end Damien, an order she feels compelled to follow in fear of the consequences of disobeying an Arch-Hora. Savior however intervenes and calls for a divine court to review Damien's contract of immortality with Salvia. Damien's father is also ressurected to give evidence to the court that the potion (the contract) was not intended for Damien and therefore he should not pay the price for it. The court rules in his favor and strips Damien of his immortality, allowing him a fresh start into the world. He is also allowed 1 day with his father where he forgives him for confining him into dark solitude all those centuries ago, allowing his father to return to the afterlife in peace.

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