Edmund Forde
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: "Ed" "Edmund Forde"
Gender: Male
Age: 798 years old (Physically 17-18 years old)
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Insane
Physical attributes
Height: 171 cm (5'7")
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs.)
Appearance: Book Two: Dawn's Shadow (FA)
Class: N/A

Edmund 'Ed' Forde is a minor character in the series, and is a True immortal designated to hunt False immortals native to the continent of Oceania. Most of his past is currently shrouded in mystery though it's likely he doesn't remember most of it himself. Having virtually wiped out all known False immortals in Oceania around sometime between 1990 and 2000 he currently works as a bounty hunter to keep his skills sharp.


He is believed to be around 800 years old, making him one of the most experienced True immortals in the series. The rest of his past is unknown, and it is also not known how many times he has reincarnated, its estimated by False Immortals that he has reincarnated at least 3-5 times.


Though he usually come across as being cold, being trained to suppress his emotions, he has on occassions seen cracking a smile every now and then. He is extremely confident in his abilities to surpass all his opponents no matter how powerful they are. He currently leads a combination of a restless and laid back life style, having  finished his job as a True immortal he has no more False immortals to kill native to Oceania, has let out a more relaxed personality within him, though he's not very used to this and has therefore committed his time keeping his skills fresh by practicing as a bounty hunter, and constantly keeping vigilant of any False immortals who may remain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike most True immortals, Edmund doesn't use any weapons apart from his own body which itself is beyond superhuman levels:

  • Supernatural Condition- He is immensely stronger, faster, and durable than normal humans. He has utilized this to master the following:
  • Contaminant Immunity- He is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • Supernatural Agility- He is glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more agile than than other humans, possibly even more than any other immortal in the world since he exclusively only uses his own body in combat and not any weapons at all, his capabilities are pushed to the superhuman level; making him immensely more agile and able to combine his balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance than more normal human can achieve with any degree of training and possibly even more than the rest if the true immortals.
  • Supernatural Athleticism- He possess glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally athletic skills over peak human capabilities as his are pushed to the superhuman level; they are obviously superior in speed, explosiveness, power, quickness, and other various athletic abilities than normal members of  humans can achieve with any degree of training.
  • Supernatural Awareness
  • Supernatural Balance
  • Supernatural Combat
  • Supernatural Dexterity
  • Supernatural Durability
  • Supernatural Endurance
  • Supernatural Leap
  • Supernatural Memory
  • Supernatural Reflexes
  • Supernatural Regeneration
  • Supernatural Self-Sustenance
  • Supernatural Senses
  • Supernatural Speed
  • Supernatural Stamina
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Earth Manipulation- User can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc.
  • Infinite Resurrection
  • Semi-Immortality

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