Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: "D-S13/14"
Gender: Male
Age: D-S13 was 9 months,

D-S14 is 6 months

Status: D-S13 (Deceased)

D-S14 (Alive)

Mental Status: Mentally Unstable
Physical attributes
Height: 147 cm, 57.8740157 inches
Weight: 40 kg, 88.1849 pounds
Appearance: Book Two: Dawn's Shadow (FA)
Class: Tier 0

Demian (Current incarnation Demian S14) is a clone and homunculus  created from cheek cell DNA fragments of Damien Somerfield. His creation was overseen by Dr. Mosely as one of the Order's closest attempt to replicate Damien's immortality from a genetic viewpoint. Demian is both a clone, being modelled from Damien's DNA and a homonculus, not being technically human as a side effect of the genetic engineering. 

Demian S13Edit

He is first seen in Book II as the latest homonculi clone of Damien, manufactered by Mosely. He appears suddenly as Damien is leaving a Path Party conference out of general interest. Demian, being a clone of Damien, considers the latter a 'brother' which confuses Damien, untill he horrifiically notices the uncanny resemblance they both share. This hints of Demian being a clone. Demian is also aware of 'Mother', making a reference to Salvia. Damien at the time of their original confrontation was not aware of Salvia until some time later. 

Demian, being a homonculus posseses inhuman abilities. In his case he seems to be able to manipulate darkness around him into tendrils, or even allow it to engluf him completly, revealing his 'full form'.

Full form

Demian S13's Full Form

Because of his similar DNA to Damien, he was able to use his tendrils to physically extract Damien's immortality (mystical elixir). He is the only character in the series to be able to do so, and very nearly killed Damien utilizing that technique.Having stolen Damien's immortality, combined with his own powers, he becomes unstoppable, forcing the direct intervention of Savior to counter him.Salvia and Lady Death also intervene to protect Damien's half-dead body, his spirit ascending through the cosmos, and towards the Nether. However the link between Damien's spirit and his body are still intact, offering him a chance to live once more. Death protects his physical body from Demian, claiming its not his time to die just yet. Salvia opens a portal into the rending and goes after Damien's spirit.She manages to rescue him but Demian, sensing Damien's return throws his body into the river. Damien, in spirit form, jumps after his body and ends up vesseling with the water itself, turning into a River Spirit. With this new power he easily subdues Demian, reverting him back to his child form, and slowly starts drowning him as the clone pleas for his 'mother'.  This is when Damien for the first time notices Salvia and comes to believe that she has been savoring his soul so that she could consume it one day. This angers Damien and he considers using his new power to destroy the 'insidious world'.Succumbing very close to evil, Damien suddenly realizes this and is horrified. He reabsorbs his immortality from Demian and returns back to his human body. Demian survives and quickly recovers, though is unable to return to his 'full form'. He quickly overcomes this weakness by using his tendrils to absorb a portion of Damien's unlimited life-force. This allows him to flash step, and enhances his strength, coming close to subduing and re-absorbing Damien's immortality once more.This threat directly against Damien's immortality triggers his Scarlet State which grants him temporary accelerated vision, which he uses to dodge Demian's flash-steps, who crashes against a mass of concrete. Under the killing intuition of his Scarlet State, Damien loses all hesitancy in killing him, and impales him through the throat with the knife, killing him.

Demian S14Edit

Due to appear in Book III, he will be more advanced and powerful than his predecessor, as well as a member of the Ultimatum Syndicate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though still not technically 'immortal' in the same sense as Damien, being a homonculus, Demian cannot physically age, and are able to live for centuries, as well as being much harder to kill than normal humans. Damien was only able to kill D-S13 after severely weakening him earlier, allowing him to kill him by simply impaling him, though it is normally much harder to kill them this way.

D-S13 also had the ability to manipulate darkness, and was able to utilize it both offensively and defensively.

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