Emerus was the son of CaerLlion and an early metahuman who inherited his father's power to manipulate solar heat energy, an ability considering flame conjuring at the time. He was notable for being a prodigy and his over ambitious nature to become stronger eventually resulted in him betraying his father's Longan allegiance and aligning himself with the Horan arts. His relation to CaerLlion makes him an ancestor of Damien.

He can be considered a tragic villain.

Early LifeEdit

Emerus was born towards the end of the Horan Invasion to CaerLlion and an unnamed mother. As a child he was a very ambitious individual, possessing a headstrong will and drive which eventually caused him to discover his inherited ability to manipulate solar heat.

Wanting to live up to his father's name he progressed in mastering his powers at an accelerated rate, labelling him as a rare prodigy. However CaerLlion at best remained lukewarm to his son's efforts, and was largely too preoccupied with dealing with the aftermath of the invasion to invest any signifigant attention to his son.

This lack of appreciation caused Emerus to develop underlying feelings of resentment towards his father.

Fall into DarknessEdit

Despite Emerus's great formidability in combat he remained second to his father as his powers were signifigantly weakened or completely non-functional at night. He attempted to draw power from the moon but his research led him bordering into the dark arts which he distanced himself from it.

However he found himself feeling increasingly uneasy about himself, the temptation of using the Horan Arts to gain greater power to surpass his father constantly loomed over him. Often he would write down about his thoughts and inferiority complex to his father in his journal.


Final Battle and DeathEdit


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