The Greater Norwegian Republican Herske (commonly abbreviated as GNRH) is a sovereign federation composed and centered in Norway, along with expanded territory over Iceland and Scotland. After the fall of the Order it was rebuilt and expanded. Its population of over 13 million is rather small compared to 


other nations but it has one of the world's most mightiest militaries, mainly due to its State Super programme and its pioneering and advancement in 'Mechawear'.

It is one of the 'Big Three' nations consisting of the GNRH, Japan and the United American Republic, pioneering Mecha technology (Mechawear).

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The GNRH is a militant oligarchy heavily, though not completely influenced by Whig Party policies. The country is effectively ruled by a Führer who is also the head of the armed forces. Under him several ministers are employed to help in the running of the nation.



Meta-humans are only allowed to use their powers if they register as a 'State Super' for which there is a series of entrance exams. There are no actual age restrictions to register, though most meta-humans tend to apply between the ages of 16 and 18. The first test involves the stability of the power, if the meta-human is determined able enough to control them then they enter into the second stage of the exam, where they must revise extensive state laws and the minimum passing mark is 80% in paper based examinations, to make sure the potential Super has a good grasp and respect for GNRH law. The third and final phase is the practical aptitude exam where the meta-human must show a practical display of their abilities, and if the examiners are satisfied, the meta-human passes and soon recieve their qualification as a State Super working for the government and its secret service.

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Military and Law EnforcementEdit

The military has a strong dominance over GNRH society. This is a result of the constituionally compulsory military conscription and the implementation of marshall law. The State Super programme has allowed Supers to legally use they're powers in service to the government. Many of them act as one of the police force and miltary's  most elite officers.

For non-Supers, extensive research and development has gone into technologically advanced mecha armor. They are regarded as one of the world's greatest. They are often used to combat rouge Super threats and other major military operations.

Knightmare 1

Grå Tank Mark II Edit

The most common and standard class of GNRH Mechawear. The current Grå  is a fourth-generation model and the first mass-production model produced by the GNRH. It was the first advanced Mechawear, providing an overwhelming tactical advantage over conventional combat vehicles. Amongst other flaws, the cockpit is considered quite cramped and uncomfortable. The Grå's armament includes shoulder-mounted Slash Harkens, Stun Guns, Tonfas, and a handheld assault rifle. 

Grå White is a subclass of the current Grå and is armed with two machine pistols instead of an assault rifle as well as a specially made anti-Mechawear combat knife. In addition, the White model also use a shield during crowd-control situations where firearms or rogue Mechawear may be present. 

Excalibur Mark VEdit

Knightmare 5

The Exalibur is a fifth-generation Mechawear. Its armor is light purple and black, and it is approximately twice the size of an ordinary Mechawear (like the Grå). Its Landspinners are built into its ankles, rather than simply attached to the side. The Excalibur  carries a heavy sword (its namesake relating to the legendary Excalibur sword), which is larger than the Mechawear itself. The sheath has an additional Landspinner and a Float System. The sword can break through armor in a single swing, and can generate an energy field capable of blocking and slicing through powerful energy blasts such as the Shen Hu's Baryon Cannon. Similar to the Gawain, each of its fingers are miniature Slash Harkens. The Excalibur is also equipped with energy shielding.

Wallace Mark VIEdit

Knightmare 6

The Wallace is a sixth generation Mechawear developed by Scottish scientists under the GNRH. It is larger than most Mechawear, about twice as tall and wide, has no Factsphere sensors, and no ejection system. Its Landspinner system is also internalized, instead of the fold-out skate configuration common on other Mechawear. It features a double-seater cockpit, although it can be operated by one person.

The Wallace is equipped with an integrated Float System, and is the first unit in the series capable of self-sustained flight. Its fingers are miniature Slash Harkens, and it features a pair of shoulder-mounted Hadron Cannons. Its experimental Druid System, originally intended to investigate the structure and function of the Thought Elevators, allows the Gawain to plot the probable movements of enemy units. Despite its strengths, the Wallace is a fairly slow unit, and as such is easily outmaneuvered by smaller and faster Mechawears.

Arnarson Mark V

Knightmare 4

The Arnarson , is a fifth-generation Mechawear. It is notable for being the GNRH's most advanced transforming Mechawear, able to switch between humanoid and jet forms. It is very maneuverable, able to fold out and transform in mid-air. It can utilize a pair of machine guns in its jet form. It has two large Slash Harkens mounted on its forearms, which are equipped with Harken Boosters. The two Slash Harkens can combine to fire a powerful energy blast. When in humanoid form, it can wield two pickaxe-like Maser Vibrations Swords called the MVS Polearm, which can be joined together at the hilts to form a single, double-edged scythe. 

Inferno Mark IXEdit

Knightmare 2

A unique Mechawear model designed exclusively for the GNRH's Flamebending State Super. Faithful to its namesake, the armor comes integrated with compact liquid oxygen tanks used to scientifically enhance his flame alchemy to greater levels than normal. 

It has an integrated Float System and antenna on the sides of its head which carry a radiant wave surger-based shield, as well as a new "armor-piercing bombardment-type" radiant wave surger arm. In addition to its close-range blast, the radiant wave surger arm can also fire a concentrated long-range beam or a wide-range blast. The long-range beam can eliminate multiple targets in a single shot. The wide-range blast, though not as destructive, cripples any Mechawear caught in it, and can still destroy weaker craft such as helicopters. 

The system also allows the Inferno to move at blinding speeds, such that it appears to be little more than a pink blur in flight. The wings can also serve as cutting weapons. Additional armor is added on the legs and left arm, replacing the cannon, and the antenna have been extended and enlarged, making them appear to be giant ears. The chest armor is extended into the shape of a beak and a pair of green jewels featured prominently on the front.

Fortinbras Mark VIII        

Mech 1

The ultimate war machine of the GNRH. It is a heavily armored and devastatingly formidable weapon armed with missiles, rockets, machine guns, and a grenade launchers.



Bekjempe Mark II


Featuring enhanced hand-to-hand capabilities, the Gloucester also uses a large jousting lance and, to further draw into a medieval knight's motif, is occasionally draped in a cape. The lance incorporates a set of expanding prongs on four sides that makes possible to trap and disarm enemy weapons. Combined with the Gloucester's high mobility, this fearsome weapon can be used to penetrate right into an enemy Mechawear's cockpit, killing the pilot and preventing him from escaping via the standard ejection system.

Titan Battle Tank IIEdit


The Titan is protected by thick armor plating which allows it to survive even the fiercest attacks and features dual M310 120mm Smooth-Bore High-Velocity Cannons mounted in its turret. A co-axially mounted M247T Medium Machine Gun gives it additional firepower. Smoke grenades were mounted near the turret.

Organawear Unit 08Edit

Tank 2

An experimental line of GNRH exosuits yet to be put into mass production. They are made out of an unknown durable semi-organic material bonded to modern warfare technology. The purpose behind the organic construct is an experiment to strengthen the link between man and machine, with a telepahtically wired connection between the suit and the pilots mind to allow for quicker responses and enhanced maneuverability and mobility. It also comes with superhuman strength, enhanced speed, and weapon proficiency.

However, the systems are too complex for the average human to pilot effectively, the link between the pilots brain and the advanced computer software of the exosuit means that the pilot must be of the most superior IQ to cope and keep up with the suit. The pilot also has to be in peak physical condition as their own individual body movements is mimicked by the exosuit's AI to allow for synchronised movements behind man and machine. However if the pilot is not physically at a minimum of a peak state then they risk desynchronisation and bone damage.

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