Human Immortals are a rare group of individuals who have through biological or supernatural means achieved the state of living indefinitely. They are known to possess an extraordinary healing factor able to regenerate and revive the user from fatal ailments and are either completely impervious or resistant to ageing.  

Because their numbers are so few and far between they never came to prominence in the public eye in the same manner as other metahumans and even during the era of the Order their existence remained classified and divulged only to a few high ranking members. 

According to legend Merlyn was the first of the human immortals WIP.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


They cannot be killed by conventional means and can heal from almost all kinds of physical injuries, including beheading (excluding False Immortals). There is an apparent limit to this as it would be impossible to survive complete physical annihilation, mainly because then there would be nothing for the destroyed body to regenerate and reform to. However this is only theoretical as such limitations have yet to be explored in the RP.

In most cases when an immortal is injured, they can regenerate from it (time require for full regeneration depends on severity of injury) and if parts of the body have been mutilated or removed, they are supernaturally linked to the immortal and will return and reattach, assuming their not physically constrained from doing so (doesn't apply to those who procured the power through non-supernatural means). Where such salvaging is not possible the body substitutes the permanently lost body part by regenerating a new one in its place, but this takes considerably long depending on what is being regenerated. Immortals can repair/regenerate even a destroyed brain, though the effect this has on memory and cognitive functions is unknown.

Sixth Sense:Edit

An extrasensory function seemingly innate within all immortals, it allows them to sense and track down other immortals as well as being able to perceive other supernatural phenomena such as seeing spirits or being able to detect the presence of Tistes.

The sense can allow for a limited form of telepathy where immortals are able to send others messages or memories to other nearby immortals. It can also allow for telepathic exchange between themselves and other supernatural creatures.

The true extent of the sense is a defensive ability that alert the user to nearby danger that poses a threat to their lives, often inducing involuntary reflexes independent of the user's will in order to protect them when required, typically when confronting a source capable of bypassing their immortality.  

Healing Edit

Some immortals are able to manipulate their inner source of life energy to siphon a portion onto a selected mortal, healing their wounds and physical ailments. This was demonstrated only once by Damien Somerfield but he wasn't especially proficient at it.

Types of Human ImmortalsEdit

True Immortality - Those who have made a pact with a tiste and have survived ingesting an exiler containing their otherworldly blood and a fragment of their soul. This effectively binds the human and tiste together, the former is locked to the mortal realm while the latter is given free reign to possess their mind. The human is impervious to death from most physical damage with the exception of complete material annihilation. Additionally they completely stop ageing.

False Immortality - A means of immortality that does not involve a direct pact with a tiste, usually achieved through science or lesser alchemy. Typically they retain a similar degree of automated healing that revives them from death but are susceptible to beheading. Depending on the method they may still age albeit significantly slower than normal.


Immortals are encouraged to follow the Symbolum Immortales.


Non-Lethal Weaknesses:

  • Pain: While most immortals have had they're fair share of experience with pain and can therefore build up a high level of tolerance towards pain, they're nervous system is still biologically human and there is always a limit to the degree of pain they can withstand before they start genuinely suffering. If a signifigant impact of pain is induced the immortal can lose consciousness and depending on the severity of the attack they can simply pass out from a few minutes, to hours or even days or slip into a long term coma where despite having healed the shock remains.
  • Relinquishment: Certain immortals can temporarily relinquish their immortality, typically 'loaning' it to another person for up to 10 months during which the original immortal's memories of the various time periods they have lived through are desynchronized and instead they retain only their set of memories relevant to their current time period, sometimes backed with a set of false memories to fill in any holes. While the process is normally voluntary, anti-immortals or 'nullifiers' have the ability to forcibly relinquish an immortal of their ability for up to 10 months. The exact idiosyncrasies of relinquishment is not fully known currently.
  • Metaphysical Transmutation-First seen used by the Scarred Man, it is a form of dark alchemy that can 'absorb' the essence of other immortals, therefore releasing their spirits from their bodies. In theory it is more efficient than the now obsolete Original Method as the process only takes seconds to complete however its success depends on the attacker's own personal knowledge of the art along with their own spiritual strength compared to the victim's. Both mortals and immortals can learn this method, though it can only work on other immortals. In theory since this method is an spiritual-alchemic reaction it should also be reversible and has the potential application of transferring your own essence to an outside party, or even being able to impart your memories and knowledge onto another, possibly even mortals or animals if utilized with only a partial transmutation of thought. Claude Anatole is the only character seen stripped of their immortality on screen using this method.

Lethal Methods:

  • Spirit Weaponry-  All immortals are susceptible to spirit based weaponry such as that of the Tiste, though the effects vary across indivdual cases. Some can sustain multiple strikes before succumbing to death, others can be permanently damaged in some way (e.g. scars which won't heal, lost limbs which won't return) but not killed.
  • Anti-healing Factor - Prolonged exposure heavy doses of anti-healing factor chemicals can disable an immortal's ability to heal wounds. If combined with lethal toxins (such as mercury) it can potentially result in the death of the immortal. However they are too expensive to manufacture at a large scale and continuous exposure to the same type can build up innate resistance.

Known Human ImmortalsEdit

Name Years Active and Status Type


Current alias:

Damien Somerfield

(1498- Present, Alive) Contract with Tiste Hora

Clay Wilson


  •  "Wartool" 
(1988-Present, Active) Scientifically induced advanced healing factor, unknown, possibly false immortality Valérie Maurice Cresson
  •  (1483-1912, Deceased)
Claude Anatole
  •  (1503- 1937, Deceased)
Madeline Nelson (1788-1920, Deceased) Unknown
Maria von Theresa (1488- 1600, Deceased) Unknown
Yasuyuki Kita (1520-1865, Deceased) Unknown
Merlyn (Antiquity-Present, Disappeared) Ancient Immortal
Bennett Williamson (1453-1984, Deceased) Unknown
Maria de LeMont (1598-1756, Deceased) Unknown
Patricio Ramone Fernandez (1374-????, Missing)



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