I did not ask to become immortal. Who intends to live forever and never die? I didn't, but now I can, and I will not regret this gift of God for a moment.
— Maria to Damien Somerfield
Maria von Theresa
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 112 (Physically 12)
Status: Deceased
Mental Status: Believed Herself Invincible
Physical attributes
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: unknown
Class: unknown

Maria von Theresa was a Christian child immortal who lived in 16th century Austria. She became immortal in 1500 through unknown means and remained frozen at the physical age of 12. In 1580 she met Damien Somerfield, who was newly immortalised 75 years ago, a relatively young age for an immortal and was frozen in a biologically 10 year old body. She died at a rather young age for an immortal roughly some time in 1600, having lived for 112 years in total before vanishing without a trace and presumed dead when the other immortals were unable to sense her any more.


Maria von Theresa was born in Austria in the midst of the Renaissance. She was born in a noble family and given the best luxuries and best education available, but she felt neglected by her parents that did little more than set rules and leave her with servants. Her rebellious was an attempt to get their attention and have fun in a life she loathed. While attempting to run away a tragic horse accident caused her first death. Her resurrection was startling to many and taken to be a sign of evil, as a result, she was tossed bound and gagged into a river. She reappeared in France and encountered Valérie Maurice Cresson.  This encounter was inspiring to her and she began a life of thrill seeking. Upon meeting Damien Somerfield she had come to reguard her immortality as a gift and had already earned a reputation among immortals. She told Damien that his power was gift, and she also revealed the cause of her immortality. Damien is the only one ever to ever told this before her death. She had already begun to shows signs of insanity at this point and believed herself invincible. During the next two decades she developed a serious god(dess) complex before her disappearance and death in 1600.


Maria von Theresa was a rebellious child and had a recklessness not seen in the other child immortals. In her relatively short life for an immortal, she may have acquired more deaths than any other immortal, true , child, or otherwise.  She would seek thrills and participate in events considered too dangerous or immoral for a girl of "her age" or of a woman period. Her thrill seeking eventually put her on the wrong side of the law and made her a target for true immortals and other immortal hunters. She thought herself invicible and did not care or profess a conscious. In the last three decades of her life she thought her immortality as less of a gift and more of her being a goddess. She became dangerously unpredictable and continued her life of thrill-seeking before her death.

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