Max Chambers
File:Max 1.jpg
Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: "Max"
Gender: Male
Age: 7 in Book III, 14 in KGA
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Sane, suffers from nervous issues and low confidence and esteem
Physical attributes
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: KGA (FA) Book Three: Danger Closes (Prequel)
Class: Unclassified

Maxwell 'Max' Somerfield Chambers is a character who briefly appeared in the Kyoto spin-off and made a supporting role in Book III.

Ancestry Edit

Despite his caucasian appearance, Max hails from a very genetically diverse bloodline. His ancestors belonged to many ethnic groups including but not limited to: Native American, Central European, British, North African, Caribbean, and Filipino.  

Notable ancestors include:

Animrex MatriEdit

The man who called himself 'Animrex Matri' who lived in the 1500s was the original ancestor with the power of evocation. Unlike Max however he was not limited to evocating knowledge from the just the past, but also the future. He gained his power via Pactum Infernus and intended to use it as a form of immortality where his memories and experiences, therefore his shade would continue to live on through his decendants. However after his death at the hands of Damien his offspring Cecelio did not exhibit his father's power. The bloodline would continue to spread across the globe but it was only till 2020 when the power was re-activated in one of Matri's decendants: Max. This happened during the events of Book III when Mosley opened a portal to the rending, close exposure to which partially reawakened Matri's shade and triggering Max's ability to access the memories, experiences and skills of his ancestors. 

Kyoto Guardian AcademyEdit

Max in class

Max during class

Book III: Danger ClosesEdit

Young max

7 year old Max from Book III

Post KGAEdit

Future max

27 year old Max, inside his soul matrix

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ancestral Evocation

Max's spirit contains the memories and experiences of his ancestors. In KGA he was shown to have limited control over them, though with enough concentration he could summon the persona of one of his ancestors to take over as his dominant personality. He had shown the ability to mimic their physical abilites, such as when he tripped the athletic prowess of an unknown ancestor was triggered which caused him to reflex back on balance, saving him from injury. His power was still vulnerable to outside influence, such as when the academy principle temporarily cut off his link to his ancestors, though the damage healed and he was able to reuse again it soon afterwards. During sleep or day dreaming he was able to delve into ancestral memories, such as when he replayed a memory of the American Revolutionary War an ancestor of his took part in.

To an extent he was able to 'communicate' with his ancestors when their memories and experiences manifested togehther to create a 'ghost' he could talk to and sometimes seek guidance from.  

By the time he turned 27 he had finally mastered his ability and had inherited many practical skills from his ancestors, such as learning to fight hand to hand combat, shooting, sword fighting, and many athletic abilities such as baseball and ice hockey. 

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Initially he was shown to suffer from low self esteem and very little self-worth, as well as being very nervous which caused him to stutter frequently. These factors contributed to his eventual departure from KGA as he was unable to feel socially comfortable. Before leaving however he had reverted to at least two of his ancestors to try and help him to feel less socailly awkward, to little avail. He was indicated to also be rather lazy, preferring to sleep in rather than go to class on the first day of his semester. 

Making brief appearances in Book III he was shown to be a rather emotionally fragile child, often bursting into tears when near danger and screaming at the sight of Salvia. 

As he grew older he