Merlin (illustration from middle ages)
Merlyn is a semi-legendary figure from the time of antiquity in the series who was reportedly the first human immortal, as well as being the first human to make a Pactum Infernus, possibly directly with Mer himself

Pactum  InfernusEdit

Being the first human to be willing to accept such a  contract he was granted immortality and some knowledge of the workings of the universe and Horan sorcery.  

Historic AchievmentsEdit

  1. He taught man the earliest form of engineering with the construction of Stonehenge, possibly even predating the advent of exiled Tiste Hora in ancient times.
  2. According to legend he came up with the Symbolum Immortales.
  3. Believed to have assisted King Arthur.

Modern Day interpretationsEdit

While his name was passed down through history, immortals themselves have contested as to the validity of his existence or his final fate. Some believe that Merlyn was in fact a Human Hora hybrid who had been intended to corrupt humanity but rejected that destiny to give them wisdom. He is a story even to the oldest surviving generation of immortals who regard him more as a symbol than a person who once lived.