The timeline of the whole series, from it's creation and other things important to the Roleplay series.


  • August 25: Roleplayer Zeinbrad, creates the first "book" Out-of-Character Thread of the series.
  • August 26:
    • Videssos joins.
    • Vaxon joins.
    • Flimxanthia joins.
  • August 27:
    • Caecuser joins.
    • Holy Empire of Avalon joins.
    • Corenea joins.
    • Harbertia joins.
  • August 28:
    • In-Character Thread is born.
    • Mighty Asgard joins.
    • Personal Freedom joins.
    • Segmentia joins.
  • August 29:
    • ​Eaglleia joins
    • Great Britonia joins.
    • Rynagria Joins.


  • January 5
    • Qeno joins

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