President romao

President Ted Allen Paul (or Theodore Paul) of the United Republic of America

President Theodore Allen Paul (or Ted Paul) is the 1st President of the newly formed United Republic of America and former general of the New Continenal Army. A cautious and proud man of virtue, he was considered to be the "new" Founding father of America.


Ted Paul was born in  July 10th, 1960 at Los Angeles, California when the Order controlled the world. His family moved to Boston, Massachussets at 1964 and he grew up there most of his life. At age 21, he served in the Order military as a junior officer, learning Order tactics for 5 years. When he retired, he became a writer for the Order Messenger, the major newspaper owned by the Order. While giving the impression of an Order supporter, he secretly became a member of the underground New America movement. He became an influential member of the New America movement along with the Super Liberation Front which merged into the Resistance

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