Ron Bakers
Commissioner Gordon
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Cold Harbor Police Department
Threat/Classification: Unknown
Appearance: Book Two: Dawn's Shadow
Mental Status: Sane
Status: Deceased
Ron Bakers is a former soldier of the resistance, and current head of the Cold Harbor Police Department. He was killed holding off a Path Attack at the City Hall, sacrificing himself so that his men can escape

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ron Bakers is a white haired man with a military background that makes him duty oriented. He tends to be stuburn, strict, and yet some how supportive.


Ron Bakers is a former soldier of the reistance, who married Barbara Lee, sister of arms manufacturer James Lee of Lee Enterprises. After the war Ron moved back to his home city, Cold Harbor where he was appointed commissioner of the newly established police force.


"Well Night-Owl, why steal all the fun for yourself?" - Commissioner Bakers, Book Two

Ron has a distain for vigilanties though he has come to unofficially welcome the aid of Night Owl.


Barbara Lee - Ron's wife, and mother of Sarah Bakers. She has thus far not appeared in the story, rending their relationship up for speculation.

James Lee - Ron's brother-in-law.

Sarah Bakers - Ron's daughter, he encouraged her to become involved in sports which lead to her becoming a prize winner in Archery.


Despite his age Ron is well fit, trained in the use of fire arms, and has taken like a fish to water when it comes to his job as the head of the Cold Harbor Police Department. His men respect him, and are willing to follow him to face what ever threatens their city.