Yelena's Scarxite allows her to nullify immortality of any kind.

Scarxite is a seemingly supernatural ability certain individuals can possess. It manifests differently in each individual for unknown reasons. The power is normally associated with immortals, though a handful of mortals are also known to possess it.

It is not yet known how exactly how someone obtains Scarxite, the causes are speculated from mysticism to genetics. The kind of powers one can recieve with Scarxite have no specific set, and are potentially near limitless in variety.

Scarxite can be recognised whenever it is activated, its primary feature is when the user's eyes flash into scarlet.



The user possess a singular scarxite ability. Most users harbor this type of the power. 


The user's scarxite holds two abilities that can be utilized. They are rarer than Unitypes.


The user's scarxite holds three abilities. This is believed to be the maximum amount one can hold and is the rarest of all types.


  • Loaned Scarxite: The Scarxite can only be used for a finite amount of times before permanently disappearing.
  • Intervalled Scarxite: The Scarxite, though unlimited in its use, in can only be utilized once at a time. Each time it is used  it is followed by a deactivation phase where a countdown is put in pace until the Scarxite can be used again.
  • Imperfect Scarxite: The Scarxite is unlimited in its use, and can be deactivated at will. Depending on the trigger it may also be activated at will. 
  • Absolute Scarxite: The Scarxite is permanently active, meaning it is unlimited in its use and cannot be deactivated.


  • Conservative Trigger: Scarxite will only activate if the life of the user is at stake or in a very dangerous situation. 
  • Liberal Trigger: Scarxite can be activated as willed by the user.

Known Scarxite UsersEdit

Yelena CroftmanEdit


Yelena's Scarxite allows her to nullify immortality of any kind.

Yelena is not an immortal but her Scarxite allows her to cancel out the immortality of others, be they 'False' Immortals , 'True' Immortals , or even Longa or Hora. The target has to be in a 10 meter radius to be effective. Once activated, scarlet energy waves are emitted and if the target is close enough their immortality is deactivated. The effects only last for 10 minutes however and unless the target is killed before that time their immortality resets. Everytime this is used a 1 hour countdown is placed until the Scarxite can be used again.

It has a liberal trigger as it activates by the user's will but has evolved into a intervalled Scarxite so a countdown must be finished until the user may wish to use it again or not.

Jake BakersEdit


He possesses the 'Q&A Scarxite'. It allows him to force others to truthfully answer his questions, no matter how hard they may try not to. Initially it had a conservative trigger, preventing others from deceiving him in way that might bring him harm. Overtime he was able to activate it at will, unlocking the liberal trigger. But his Scarxite kept evolving to the point it became Absolute. He can indirectly force others in a 10 meter radius to speak nothing but the truth, even if he's not specifically asking them. Though sometimes unhappy with this, he wishes to use his ability for a career in the UAR police force one day. 

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