Character Info
Alias/Nicknames: "One Winged Tiste"
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Physically 29-32)
Status: Alive
Mental Status: Unknown
Physical attributes
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Book Two: Dawn's Shadow (FA)
Class: Unknown

Sebastien is a Tiste Hybrida , a rare cross breed between Tiste Hora and Tiste Longa. He is also an adversary of Damien Somerfield.

Early LifeEdit

During the time long forgotten, Seaquessa a Arch Longa was seduced by Samuelf, a lower Hora. Their relationship spawned the ultimate tabboo, a Tiste Hyrbida. Sensing their child was in danger, Samuelf fled with the infant Hybrida to the human world. He named his half caste son 'Sebastien' as per his mother's request. Sebastien grew up and learnt along side the mortals, until the Tiste Hora Invasion in the 55 BCE. Sebastien was still biologically a child at that time. His father was slain by the Longa army despite having been outcast from the Horas and therefore no involvement in the invasion. A longa soldier took pity on the orphaned tiste and adopted him into the Tiste Longas. Sebastien grew up to become a formidable warrior, but was denied an Arch position because of his mixed heritage. He longed to meet his mother but was always denied an audience. Overtime he came to believe that the Longas had long executed his mother, which only intensified his growing hatred for the Longas. He was emotionally very complex, his Longa heritage demanding he suppress his emotions, whilst his Hora heritage encouraged him to embrace his emotions. 

Because of this he underwent an identity crisis and embarked on a three hundred year journey travelling the cosmos in an attempt to discover the workings of the universe better, hoping that it would help him discover himself. However his travels across the multiverse only nursed his hatred for it even more. Travelling across several alternate realities he developed an obsession with an immortal child, Damien. and his various alternate selves. 

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