Shipping refers to a hypothetical romantic pairing between two characters from the Of Men and Titans series put together by members of the RP community.

Alexandra x Hiro (Canon)Edit

The Relation ship between Alexandra and Hiro.

The relation beginning in Book One, at most at a semi-positive start, when Hiro helped Alexandra tending the wounded Order Soldiers. Then, it took a possible slight dip, when Hiro let's on that he fight's against the Order, horrifying Alexandra. It then took a turn for the better, when Hiro left and Alex came to investigate a nearby fire, the event ending in which a friendship between them is told.

By Book Two, it was clear that they have become better aquainted with each other, as to contacting each other casually. Alex is the first to show attraction towards Hiro, while he is oblivious until his suicide attempt.

Alexandra x TerraEdit

"Terra, you have magnificent eyes, has anyone told you that before?" - Alexandra Peyton , Book Two

Anisha x TakashiEdit

During Book One they have a brief moment where he gifts her a stuffed bear, calling her Kawaii (Meaning "Cute" in Japanese.) Anisha is estactic about the gift, and begins to rock back, and forth with it. However, she soon notices Takashi's smile, and calls him a pervert before throwing the bear back to him. He still can't help but smile. 

There was also the brief moment in The Vanishing, in which Anisha teases Takashi by telling him she likes him, then proceeds to give him a kiss to the cheek, causing Takashi to blush all over. Apparently, it was payback for what happened during that moment in Book One.

In both cases, both Takashi and Anisha exploited some of their weaker tendencies, such as Anisha's apparent weakness towards cute things and Takashi's desire to stay out of a relationship, which would throw him off if confronted.

Damien x ReiEdit

Also known as 'Drika' or 'Damrika' (using Rei's real name) this shipping refers to the possible pairing between Damien and Rei.

Though not immortal, Rei still has the potential for an unlimited life span just like Damien and she will only exist as a ghost if her host dies.

Damien x SalviaEdit

A possible romantic pairing between Damien and his guardian Salvia, it can be best seen as being ambigious and open to interpretation. The Hora had shadowed him for centuries as he accidentally entered into a covenant with her. As he contains a fragment of her soul within him, she can use this to easily posess and control him. Towards the end of Book II she had commented how Zoras was correct about his soul bearing an 'intoxicating' taste.

When he had initially rejected her with distrust and fear, she pursued utilizing deception to take up the alias of Sal Clementine and was able to counter his sixth sense from detecting her true identity (as her soul fragment must have allowed her to do) and the two became acquaintances on good terms with each other at the very least.

During the events of Book III after he loses his immortality and starts dying, but wills her soul fragment to reactivate, it also releases her memories into him (a new level of intimacy between them) which reveals to him that Salvia is in fact Sal Clementine, along with the rest of her past including her tragic history during the invasion of the 1400s. He seems to pity her for the loss of her  mate and son and also realizes that she genuinely cares for him, prompting him to finally accept her and the two are now at fully truthful terms with each other, and her care for him seems to be requited. The two are constant companions for each other. Damien has repeatedly relied on her support during combat, she is also his only confine for all his secrets, and he the same for her since he now shares her memories.

Proponents of this pairing can interpret their intense bond under a romantic light, though neither authors of both characters have officially confirmed this, leaving this potential pairing at a non-canon standing.

Mosley x SalviaEdit

Also dubbed as 'Mosalvia' this shipping refers to a romantic pairing between Mosley and Salvia . It can be seen as a kind of forbidden love releationship, with Mosley arguably being Damien's archnemesis.

Possible evidence to support a romantic connection:

  1. Salvia allowed Damien to be captured, and sanctioned.
  2. Salvia can tempt people with immortality.
  3. Mosely became obsessed with immortality after examining Damien.
  4. Salvia said Mosely was her favorite physician.
  5. Salvia, though she did 'swallow' him as a giant serpent, released him, even leaving him the medical kit that would save his life.
  6. She began to regret not using his soul to power her after that, as Salvia's addiction began acting up, which lead to her possessing Damien at the hotel.
  7. Mosely, along with Tiberius, and another individual appeared while she spoke to Damien, and she had an intellectual, yet light hearted conversation with him.

Terra x Takashi (Canon)Edit

Also dubbed as "Terrashi" this canon pairing involves the romantic relationship between Terra and Takashi. Their relationship started during Book Two, when the two characters where first introduced to one another, just after Terra returned back to her normal state from the Beast.

The Vanishing gives us an idea of how their romance may have started out, for it's revealed that Terra found comfort in Takashi, and that they have similiar backgrounds.


Robert x Terra (Canon)Edit

Robert first encounters Terra in her store, where he instantly begins flirting with her, flirtation she soon returns. Despite having just met Robert Terra seemed overly attached, in a way that she her self couldn't understand, evident in her thoughts of him being reckless, and the few times he had almost made her angry. However, Robert was the first character to get her to calm down while in Beast form, the first character she attempted to kiss, and has the first IC moment of Terra falling asleep on someone's shoulder.

Robert x ReiEdit

Robert first encounters Rei when he is supposedly dying in a river after the destruction of the Millersville Town Hall and she is the one who saves him.

Robert x SaviorEdit

Also dubbed as 'Rovior' this shipping refers to a romantic pairing between Robert and Savior .

Sabathiel x SaviorEdit

Two archangels, one of Hrova and one of Jrova, this would likely be forcibly innitiated by Sabathiel.  This would likely lead to either a raging Savior or corrupted Savior. The children of such a coupling would also be interesting. Perhaps if raised by a Hora they would be too "good" and too "wretched" for Longa.

Salvia x TakashiEdit