The Somerfield family is one of the wealthiest and high-ranking corporate families in the Americas, heading               Somersoft S.A. a global software giant, mech manufacturer and petroleum distributor, currently headquartered in Canada where it originated.  

Notable MembersEdit

Alphonse SomerfieldEdit

Founder of Somersoft S.A.

Damien SomerfieldEdit

Briefly adopted into the family he took up a new alias under the Somerfield name, and though he never held an official office in the company, for many years since the company's inception he co-owned it with Alphonse from the shadows, having used a portion of his own fortune to help start it off. He has partially estranged himself from the family in pursuit of world knowledge.

Astrid SomerfieldEdit


The first daughter of Alphonse, she was the product of the relationship between her father and an unknown meta-human Sanctioned subject. She had the power of life infusion, being able to transfer a fraction of her own life force into non-living objects, turning them into sentient life forms, such as her rabbit doll. This however came with the obvious cost of decreasing her own life-span. For this reason her father prohibited her to use her powers. 

She had a jealous relationship with Damien, whom she believed was given favoritism over her by her father as the two were business partners. Astrid was also aware of Damien's immortality, which only seemed to make her despise him even more as she believed it made him lack appreciation for life.

Despite this she did occasionally see the good in him such as when he fed a starving puppy once in the streets. Otherwise the two were rather cold shouldered with each other. She died in 1969 after exhausting the last of her life-force to save her dying infant child.                                                          Her daughter would take up the company after Damien's estrangement and Alphonse's death.   

Milford Lee SomerfieldEdit


The 25 year old boy billionaire great great grandson of Alphonse Somerfield and majority shareholder and current CEO of   Somersoft S.A. He was educated in both England and Japan. He inherited the company from his mother at a relatively young age. He's quite competently managed the company so far and is ambitious to take the company even more forward. He's also an expert martial artist and is rumored to have made a Pactum Infernus for Gold Transmutation.

Tamara SomerfieldEdit


Milford's niece and a direct bloodline decendant of Astrid Somerfield. Like all other female members of the family she has life infusion and is prohibited from using that power. Her mother, Milford's sister Juliet, who too posessed life infusion, died not long after giving birth to Tamara, along with her twin brother Stanley. She's headstrong and claims not to be afraid of anything.

Stanley Alphonse SomerfieldEdit


Tamara's twin brother, he has not like all male members of the family inherited life infusion powers as only females can inherit it. Therefore he is considered a non-powered human being. He's much shyer than his sister and is generally very quite in nature.

Somersoft S.A.Edit


Major contracts in:

  • UAR
  • England
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • India
  • China
  • Korean Federation
  • The Gulf States
  • Russia