It seems everytime I play a male character in a modern setting they fail to hold my interest.This a common occurence, I haven't truly enjoyed a male character since pre-OMAT days. To make matters worse, I keep creating more female characters, but why is this so?  I thought about it... and thought a little more... So here is a nice list.

  1. Diversity's Sake -  Female rpers are rare. This is a fact, and it often leads to many more guys than gals. It only seems right to through a few girls into the mix.
  2. Social Reasons - In a rp there are many male characters. These male characters often avoid talkimg to one another or fight together, but the best way to get a long, meaningful, conversation is to play the girl. Men don't ignore the girls in rps.
  3. Feminine Desires - Though female characters often fill a rper's dream women ideas, I play female characters based on the different sides of people I met and as a way to expieriment with what traits that are hard to implenent in male characters. Empathy and depression can be portrayed by a male character, but I find easier in a female character.
  4. They're cute! - Yeah... hormones. 


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