I deeply applaud all those able to find pictures for their characters. The majority of these character's are anime, but still the fact you found them is amazing.

Allow me to elaborate, the internet leads to no shortage of pictures. Search trait x trait y drawing and pages of results appear. The problem is these are almost all suggestive.

Sexuality has become slightly too open. Girls can be cute, but we don't need every picture to include a blushing girl with visable panties. This hyper-sexuality in cartoons, literature, images, and all else bothers me. Threads on nationstates have only strengthened this relatively recent feeling.

According to one thread, the idea of a good girl is anachronistic. A school rp makes sexuality a major feature of the app. Some may claim this is to make cliques more real. Let me tell you something, I live in a very conservative state, if any state would exclude gays or bisexuals or any others, it would be mine. Instead people pay little heed to the gay kid's sexuality. The only times people are slightly uncomfortable are with the lesbian couples (strangely the gay boys seem nearly all well liked and introverted while the lesbians the opposite) that broadcast sexuality and go out of the way not to associate with others. It is time for young people to stop this. Sexuality should not be something that matters enough that you try not to interact with those that differ, and sexual undertones should not present in everything.

Get your head out of the gutter, children! --Uncycloperson 03:46, April 17, 2014 (UTC)

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