The Wilkins is family of European Lineage dating back to the the 1200s who are of Austro-French decent. The Family is related to the Welks, and Cressons.

Throughout historyEdit

The Wilkins for a time had been members of the lower nobility with in their respected holdings. This line soon fell from grace; quickly becoming associated with rebellion, and heresy with in native Austria before a small band of less heritical members immigrated to France were they became servants to the Cresson household. The Cressons themselves being highly associated with the worlds major religion. The conditions associated with the two families becoming joined in holy matrimony are a bit obscure, though tales of a daring saint of a woman, and dashing rouge tend to be a common image. The two families continued to have close ties, such ties to a point that it would be often said that the woman of the family more resembled their Cresson kin in mannerism, and act. This would for years be associated with the tail of the lady, and the rouge. A story whose predominance in family legend is often used to explain the habits of the men as well. The family immigrated to the Americas in 1912, away from their Cresson kinsmen who they had dwelt with for a number of centuries. During their days they began to pick up a notoriety, some becoming rebels, others men of venture. The family became scattered with a fair, seculsive, concentration settling in the Virginias.


Wilkins are of Austro-French Heritage often holding brown to red hair, blue to green eyes, and fair skin.


Notable MembersEdit

  • Grimic Wilkins (XXXX- 1493 c), arranged the Pact Infernus for Valerie Cresson's father which returned Valerie to life though as an immortal. Grimic's birth name has long ago been lost to history though he renounced his titles after his eldest brother caused the family to loose it's holdings in Austria and held by accounts a high disdain for nobility despite his birth. He was the youngest of five. The mystery surrounding him and how he came to be how he was makes him the most interesting of the Wilkins with those before him long overshadowed by his actions.
  • Wilson Wilkins (199X - Present), Leader of the Path in 2018
  • Martha Wilkins (1997-?), Martha Wilkins is the cousin of Wilson Wilkins- the notorious Path leader. An OSF peace keeper Martha Wilkins is presumed to be somewhere in the western lands of North America still controlled by the Order's Remnant forces though she may potentially be KIA.
  • Terra Wilkins (Naoi) (October 14, 1999-Present), Author